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Executive Flights to/from China

Need to rent a business jet for an executive flight to China or surrounding areas of Southeast Asia? You’ve come to the right place! Private Jets China is the world’s best source for business jet charters, arranging private flights to/from China with worldwide jet charter services available 24 hrs a day.

Our business jet services are tailor made for executive travelers in China, maximizing time by flying directly to your destination on the date & time of your choice. No more waiting in long airport lines for security and baggage claims, and no more lengthy boarding times.

Renting a private jet allows business travelers to utilize private terminals for fast and discrete departures. Just show your ID to your pilot, and you’ll be welcome aboard. Within 15 minutes, you’ll be on your way to meetings, conferences, regional offices, global headquarters, or business aviation events around the world.

No matter where your business travels take you, enjoy the best way to get there by renting a business jet with Private Jets China.

24 Hour Business Jet Rentals Worldwide

Our corporate air charters are the most comfortable and secure way for executives to travel. Request a charter quote and enjoy instant access to thousands of business jets rentals around the world.

Choose from entry level light jets, super light jets, and mid/super midsize aircraft, all the way to heavy jets, long range business jets, and VIP airliners with executive configurations and amenities.

Our systems allow us to view every charter plane available for your flight, no matter where you’re flying to or from. We compare aircraft, operators, schedules and other factors to offer the best deals.

Unlike operators, we don’t answer to aircraft owners — we answer to our clients. In fact, operators in China have contacted our company to locate aircraft for their clients when additional planes are needed.

We can handle multi-leg routing if you need your business jet to make multiple stops to pick up/drop off passengers, check out potential investments, and meet with executives and clients around the world.

Have a flexible schedule? We can match your routing to empty leg and transient jets, saving you up to 50 percent or more on your charter cost! Find the best business jets for your flights to/from China.

Executive Aviation and Aircraft Safety in China

In business, it’s usually about finding the right price. However, arranging an executive flight should never come down to just the bottom line. Working with a reputable company should be equally important.

Renting a poorly maintained plane or using inexperienced pilots to save on your charter cost isn’t worth the risk. Especially when flights carry high-net worth individuals, C-level executives, elected officials, and VIP travelers.

That’s why our company’s top priority for every flight we arrange is the safety & security of all of our passengers. Safety isn’t just a slogan to us, either: our standards sit atop the business aviation market.

Before presenting aircraft options, our brokers review third-party safety reports to ensure every operator, plane. and pilot complies with our requirements – the same requirements used by the top corporate flight departments around the world. Additional steps include locating aircraft with substantial insurance policies, and risk mitigation using multiple planes.

Once we’ve removed all the aircraft that don’t match our safety requirements, we’ll help you select the best plane for your flight, including Wyvern Wingman and Argus Platinum business jets. Gain peace of mind working with one of the top companies in executive aviation. Rent your next business jet with Private Jets China.

Business Jet Cards, Fractional Ownership, and Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

Are you a frequent flyer looking to lock in your private jet charter rates? Jet card memberships are the best way to guarantee your rates and availability for future flights!

We’ve connected clients to the best private jet charter memberships, offering jet cards in 25 hour, 50 hour, and 100 hour increments for executives around the world.

Looking for a custom jet card that matches your unique travel needs? Call us and speak with our business aviation experts, and we’ll put together a membership plan that works for you.

Our business aviation services also include fractional aircraft ownership for individuals and small offices looking to benefit from the comfort, privacy and flexibility of private jet travel. We also assist corporate flight groups in aircraft acquisitions & sales, locating additional business jets for their fleets, or helping them sell their older aircraft.

Request a Business Jet Charter Quote

Call us directly at 1-888-987-JETS (5387) or email us with your details to receive a free charter quote. You can also call us 24 hours a day for ASAP aircraft rentals, last minute charter flights, supplemental lift, and more. Enjoy access to the best business jets around the world for executive flights to/from China.