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Rent a private jet to Hong Kong with Private Jets China, your source for the best deals on private jet charters in Hong Kong, one of the largest financial trade centers in in the world.

Private Jet Charters in Hong Kong, China

With access to thousands of charter planes and business jets around the globe, we can find the right plane at the right price for your private flights to/from Hong Kong, China. We’ve also built relationships with operators and air carriers in China and Southeast Asia to offer exclusive deals, including one-way pricing, empty leg flights, and more!

Fly to “the Pearl of the Orient” anytime, anywhere. Call us at 1-888-987-5387 or request a free quote for your private jet charter flight to/from Hong Kong, China. Whether you’re planning ahead or need a last minute private jet rental, we’re here to handle all of your private jet requests.

Private Jet Charter Hong Kong

Private Jets China and our Hong Kong jet charter brokers arrange private jet charter flights to/from Hong Kong, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also utilize some of the highest standards in executive and luxury travel to give clients peace of mind when booking their flights.

All of the private planes we arrange for Hong Kong private jet charters meet FAA or foreign equivalent charter requirements, and we never reduce charter costs by using poorly maintained planes, or inexperienced pilots.

We review third party reports to ensure planes and pilots meet our requirements, meeting the same safety levels used by corporate flight groups worldwide. We can also arrange luxury concierge services from catering and ground transportation to yacht charters and helicopter transfers for a complete VIP travel experience.

Call our Hong Kong jet charter company at 1-888-987-5387 or request a free quote for your private flight to/from Hong Kong, China. Whether you’re planning ahead or need a last minute business jet rental, we’re here to handle all of your private jet requests.

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Hong Kong Airports for Private Jet Charter Flights

Book your private flight to Hong Kong and arrive at one of three major private jet airports within 20 nautical miles. Charter a private jet to Hong Kong International Airport, the city’s main entry point located on the island of Chek Lap.

private jets hong kong

Airports are also available opposite of the Pearl River Delta in the autonomous region of Macau, and just north in Shenzen, one of the largest cities in the Guangdong Province. All three are open 24 hours a day, feature customs for international flights, and private terminals with an array of ground handlers.

(VHHH, HKG) Hong Kong International Airport
Hong Kong, Pearl River Delta, China

(ZGSZ, SZX) Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport
Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

(VMMC, MFM) Macau International Airport
Macau,  Pearl River Delta, China

Visit Hong Kong, China | Private Jet to Hong Kong

Charter a private jet to Hong Kong (香港) and visit one of the most populous region in the world and a global trade leader: the Pearl Harbour Delta.

hong kong private charter flights

The city is located along eastern shores of the Pearl River estuary, and its name in Cantonese (Heūng Góng) means “Fragrant Harbor”. One of two Special Administrative Regions (SAR) in China, the other being Macau, Hong Kong was a British colony for nearly 150 years before transferring sovereignty to China in 1997.

Between the 1950’s and 1990s, the city-state experienced massive growth, becoming the first of the “Four Asian Tigers” along the way by developing into a major manufacturing center and financial hub. Today, it’s recognized as one of the most important financial centers in Asia, home to some of the largest, most recognized banks in the world.

Hong Kong’s financial stature is shown off with it’s impressive waterfront skyline. The city home to the most skyscrapers in the world.  The majority of buildings surround Victoria Harbour, a dense urban area home to a bustling waterfront with popular light shows & fireworks displays.

It’s also one of the largest tourism destinations in Asia, especially for affluent travelers in Shanghai, Beijing, and other parts of the mainland. One of the busiest transport hubs in Asia, it’s connected to numerous cities around the globe, and is famously known as “the Pearl of the Orient”.

The city ranks very highly on the Human Development Index, with the 7th highest life expectancy in the world. The city also has a well-developed public transportation system, with more than 90% of the city’s population using it.

Despite the heavy use of public systems, the region suffers from seasonal air pollution, with neighboring industrial areas of mainland producing a high level of atmospheric particulates, especially in winter.

Things to do in Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is home to a rich culture as result of Cantonese Chinese and British colonization, leaving behind different tastes in architecture, cuisine, art, and more. It’s a unique place that has absorbed influences from places ranging from Atlanta to Vancouver, and has given itself the title of “Asia’s World City”.

Attractions & Activities in Hong Kong

The Peak offers incredible views of Victoria Harbour’s skyscrapers, and there are a number of observation decks and towers to check out the city from every angle. Visitors can also spend the day at Hong Kong Disneyland, offering a complete Disney experience for families and fun seekers.

If you’re looking for something to bring home with you, shop over a half kilometer of clothing, accessories and more on Ladies’ Street. When you’re finished, take a stroll along the waterfront at the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade.

The Star Ferry is one of the most popular attractions, with a fleet of boats carrying 26 million passengers across the harbor annually.

Hong Kong is also full of cultural attractions, most notably Tian Tan Buddha, also known as the Big Buddha. This large bronze statue of Buddha Shakyamuni was completed in 1993, and is currently located at Ngong Ping on Lantau Island.

Climate in Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is home to a humid subtropical climate characteristic of southern China: summers are hot and humid with showers, thunderstorms, and warm air blowing in from the southwest. Snowfall is very rare, occurring only in areas with high elevation.

Typhoons most often occur during the summer, reaching a record high summer temp (97.9 °F) in 2017. Winters are mild and offer plenty of sunshine until around February, when skies become a little overcast, and the occasional cold front brings colder winds from the north.

The city-state averages nearly 1,800 hours of sunshine annually, and the most temperate seasons are spring and autumn. These seasons are usually sunny and dry, and make the ideal time for private jet charter flights to Hong Kong.

Luxury Hotels in Hong Kong, China

Our China Jet Charter brokers have extensive experience with a wide variety of clientele, and they’ve used their clients’ feedback to come up with the following list. Based on jet charter client feedback and online reviews, our list of the best places to stay after a private flight to Hong Kong is a great place to start your hotel search; read on to check it out.

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